AR Awards for Emerging Architecture

Honourable mention


Archaeological deposit, Villa dei Quintili

Rome, Italy

December 2006
This temporary structure is set inside the Parco dell'Appia Antica, an authentic archaeological park that is open to the public, situated between Via Appia Antica and Via Appia Nuova. It is close to the Villa dei Quintili, a huge second-century property from the time of Hadrian (11738) that today houses a museum of the beautiful friezes, sculptures, and ruins which once adorned it. More modest in scale, this new pavilion contains its own newly found relics, providing storage space and shelter in which field archaeologists can clean and work on their findings.
The materials are simple, but somehow encapsulate the nature of the place, with Corten steel predominating, giving a pre-aged almost archaic appearance. Beautifully proportioned and built with precise detailing, frameless glass panels give the otherwise mute casket an animated appearance, changing from opaque to transparent depending on the weather and time of the day. Quite simply the jury couldn’t resist including one exquisite gem-like object. The pavilion's distinctive facade is made up from five variant steel panels. R.G.

n!studio Susanna Ferrini, Antonello Stella Associated Architects with Luigi Filetici
Project team
Claudia Farinelli,
Jutta Riehle
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