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1 Who Can Enter
Architects and other design professionals whose qualifications are recognized by their local accreditation organization, provided that they were 45 or younger during the year 2003.
Entries are encouraged from individuals, groups, partnerships, and those working for larger practices. Those working for larger practices must provide written evidence from their principal in the employing office guaranteeing that the work is that of the entrant(s).

2 Completed Work
ar+d emerging architecture celebrates excellence in completed work. Entries can be made for any building, interior, landscape, urban or product design.

3 Categories
Categories will not be decided beforehand, but decided on by the Jury. Entries to the 1999, 2000 and 2001 awards represented some of the following areas:

" Buildings new build and refurbishment: offices, shops, schools, houses, housing, industrial, transport, restaurants, recreational, cultural, municipal and religious
" Interiors new build and refurbishment: similar to building category, in particular restaurants, shops, houses, clubs and galleries
" Urban design
" Product design light fittings, architectural design, furniture, cladding, and structural systems
" Street furniture lights, bus stops, bollards, post boxes, signs
" Landscape soft and hard
" Bridges
" Temporary or portable structures exhibition stands
" Theatre works

4 Age Restriction
The age limit of 45 has been chosen on the basis that many emerging architects are unable to realize designs or develop an original vision before that time, either because of the long education and training period, or because of lack of opportunity.

5 Prizes
The total prize money is £ sterling. The Jury may choose a number of winners and highly commended entries (there was one winner with 20 highly commended entries in 1999, three winners in 2000 with 12 highly commended entries, and eight winners in 2001 with 18 highly commended entries).

6 Publication
Winners and those highly commended by the Jury will be published in December 2002 issue of The Architectural Review and on the site arplusd.com.

7 Prize Giving Ceremony
The ar+d prize giving will be held at the new Danish Design Centre, Copenhagen on 28 November. The winner(s) will receive a trophy designed by Knud Holscher Industriel Design, and will be invited by The Architectural Review and d line international as to the event.

8 Lecture Series
In spring 2003, winners will be invited to give talks on their work at the Royal Institute of British Architects in London as part of the RIBAs Spring Lecture Series (schedule to be confirmed). The programme of talks will be accompanied by an exhibition of winning entries at the RIBA.

9 Worldwide Exhibition
Winning and other highly commended entries will be exhibited at the prize giving, and subsequent exhibitions in major cities worldwide (schedule to be confirmed). Winning boards may be reproduced to protect originals.

10 Other Media
The ar+d team will provide information on all winning entries to other architectural magazines, newspapers and relevant media worldwide. Please help us by choosing your preferred local media on the entry form.

11 Providing Additional Materials for Publishing
Additional photography, drawings and other information from winning entrants will be urgently requested for December publication during the week beginning 30 September. Entry will acknowledge that The Architectural Review and d line international as have the right to reproduce materials in whole or part without payment of copyright (where we are given their names, photographers will be acknowledged).

12 Entries
The maximum number of entries from any individual, group, partnership or larger practice is three with each entry showing only ONE scheme. As there is a new Jury, work entered for the previous awards may be re-submitted on new boards. Incomplete work, unrealized schemes, projects, CDROMS, videos, transparencies, models, prototypes and multiple schemes entered on one board will NOT be accepted.

13 No Entry Fees
There are no entry fees to the ar+d award to encourage the widest possible selection of entries from around the world.

14 Boards
Each entry should be mounted on two A2 sized boards, and must include photography (in either colour or black and white), drawings, and if appropriate a brief written description in English. The identity and location of the submission is helpful to the Jury. Maximum board size is 420mm x 594mm or approximately 16.5in x 23.4in preferably lightweight art board or equivalent.

15 Anonymity
To ensure anonymity in judging, no names of entrants or collaborating parties may appear on any part of the board. On receipt, each board and entry form will be allocated a number allowing identification for extra security please include your international telephone number on the back of the board. Only after the Jury has made its decisions, will the identity of the winners be revealed.

16 Entry Forms
Each submission must have a separate entry form. All entrants must be named in the submission. Please copy the entry form where necessary. Complete the forms clearly and enclose in a sealed envelope attached to the board.

17 Entry Deadline
Deadline for receipt of entries is Tuesday 16 September. To ensure timely receipt, we recommend using a carrier that guarantees delivery. All entries received will be acknowledged on our website at arplusd.com/received.htm as soon as possible after the deadline.

18 Send to:
Entries should be properly packaged and clearly marked ar+d on the outside. They
should be sent to:
The Architectural Review,
151 Rosebery Avenue, London EC1R 4GB, United Kingdom.

19 Documentation
Please ensure entries arrive by the closing date. Entries posted on the closing date will be accepted but must be received before 20 September. IMPORTANT:
Your entry must be marked as NCV (no commercial value) on any courier documentation. The ar+d emerging architecture award will NOT accept any courier charges or taxes resulting from delivery. Personal deliveries to the AR editorial offices are accepted during normal working hours.

20 Return of Entries
Entries will not be returned. The ar+d emerging architecture award assumes no liability for loss or damage of entries.