prize winner

Shuhei Endo

Springtecture H

Shingu-cho, Hyogo, Japan

December 2000

The jury was deeply impressed by the liveliness and freshness of this little building in a park in Shingu-cho, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. With great economy of means, it makes a memorable moment in the landscape, and forms a landmark out of public lavatories, a normally embarrassing building type which is usually suppressed visually.
The pavilion is simultaneously an event in a picturesque landscape tradition shared by both Japan and Europe, and an exploration and celebration of the potential of a commonplace product: galvanized corrugated metal. The dramatic form grows out of the nature of the material and, once seen, seems natural, logical and economical. But the form is entirely new, and has mysterious echoes of the geometrical complexities revealed by modern science. As the architect says Springtecture architecture is not composed of roof, wall, pillar girder and slab & It is another architecture completed by original thought.

Contact: Shuhei Endo, Shuhei Endo Architect Institute